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Leonardo info page

It is recommended you read this page to get started.

Further enquires should be directed to the Leonardo Mailing List.

Users and Login

To be able to edit pages or create new ones, you will need to first of all create a user account by running in the Leonardo bin directory. You will then be able to log in via the Login link at the bottom of the menu to the left.

Editing Existing Pages

To edit an existing page, click on the Edit Page link at the bottom of the menu. You can find out more about the wiki formatting used in the Wiki Formatting Guide.

Creating a New Page

A page may be created one of two ways. If you go to a non-existent page while logged in, you can click on Edit Page to create the page directly.

Alternatively, you can use the draft facility. Click on Drafts at the bottom of the menu (while logged in) and you can create a draft page. Once you have created a draft page, you can promote it to a real page (which includes as a blog entry).

Blog Entries

A blog entry is simply a page under blog/<year>/<month>/<day>/<title>. Entries here will show up in daily, monthly, yearly and overall blog lists as well as in the Atom feed.

Atom Feeds

A titles-only atom feed is available at /atom and a full-entry atom feed at /atom/full.

Note that these paths can be changed by overriding the relevant atom provider settings in your leonardo.config file.

Comments and Trackbacks

When you create or edit a page, you will have the option to turn on comments and/or trackbacks.


When you create or edit a page, you can specify a list of categories separated by whitespace.

Categories in Leonardo are just page names. For example, a category "python" corresponds to page "python".

If you would like a list of all the pages in category foo, insert "category/foo". See the Wiki Formatting Guide for how to insert.

Non-Wiki Files

Non-wiki files such as images or code can be uploaded using the "Upload File" page linked from the bottom of the menu when logged in.

It is also possible to edit such files if they are text. An example is at


Customisation can be done in a number of places:

Editing the Menu

To change the menu to the left, go to /edit?resource=__menu__ while logged.

Editing the CSS

To make a change to the CSS stylesheet, go to /edit?resource=css while logged in.

This page last modified Saturday 11 June, 2005 Copyright 2003-2005 Martin Juckes